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This document is a compilation and formatting of a set of tutorials created by perihelion with the intention to start people in the "art and science" of coding the Atari ST series of computers in assembly, one of the more popular programming languages especially for games, demos and other hardware-intensive applications.

Sadly Andreas Wahlin aka. perihelion left us 2007, but his legacy lives in the form of the best modern tutorials to learn M68000 assembly on the Atari ST.

For the sake of convenience, some very useful texts were added as appendixes, and due credit was given where possible. There are still some authors lacking for a few, so please, if you know who has written any of the un-credited appendixes, please open an issue on GitHub.

While many people contributed with comments, suggestions, criticism and general incentive, some have been of special help, so perihelion would like to thank:

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